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Portrait de l'artiste, Ben Teupootahiti, sculpteur plasticien dans le Jura.


Ben TEUPOOTAHITI is a self made plastic artist sculptor settled at Saint Claude in Haut Jura (France). Being a former dental prothetist, Ben has decided to change his job to find an artistic way to free his imagination.

He thinks that his Tahitian roots have contributed a lot in the development of his art. Sculpture being strongly printed in Polynesian culture. He started sculpting twenty-five years ago with a collection of restyled Tikis, sorts of emblematic Polynesian totems.

Furthermore, Jura offers him a natural frame and a rich source of inspiration. His creations are the reflection of the wonderful landscapes around him. He tries through his artistic work, to recreate the beautiful and elegant curves of nature.He likes juggling with wood, bone, resin or stone and imposes his art, mixing straight lines and curves.

His cleverness in transforming material makes it difficult sometimes to recognize which it is. Ben’s works are inspired by some main themes which can give birth to an incredible variety of shapes and creations.

Ben Teupootahiti plastic sculptor artist
Ben Teupootahiti plastic sculptor artist